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Hi, I’m Carlton, and welcome to Elisha! Elisha is a simple Bible & Church app that is focused on personal use. I made this app in hopes to get people who aren’t connected to God or who are, to read/study the Bible in a very simple format and manner, as well as combining Church functionality to give an all-in-one Catholic app experience. No matter if you read 10 chapters a day or read just one verse, Watch just Mass, or even use everything that the app has to offer, that is all it takes to connect with God and I hope this app can help anyone who uses it do too πŸ™πŸΎ.


I learned how to code when I was 16, and I was starting to think about the first app I would make and publish on the app store. I thought carefully and I believed that God gave me the knowledge to be able to program in general so why not make my first app, an app to honor Him and show thanks to Him.